Udacity Machine Learning vs. Simplilearn Machine Learning – for your AI/ML Career

Professionals generally state that working in the IT industry requires them to upskill frequently in order to thrive in this digital world. Now when every company across every industry is on the digital trajectory, professionals need to achieve expertise in popular and the latest technologies. 

While discussing the latest technologies, what strikes your mind first?

Isn’t it Artificial Intelligence?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the techniques that continue to influence our lives in all aspects, be it individual, social, or professional. These technologies have revolutionized the way businesses function and have made the digital transformation for every company a mandatory step. The way these techs simplify complex tasks and processes is the main reason behind digital transformation. 

Since organizations need to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques 

into their industrial processes and systems, they need trained, skilled, and certified professionals in this domain. 

Chennai is the host to many industries such as software services, financial services, automobile industry, hardware manufacturing, medical tourism, textiles and apparel, petrochemicals, and many more. There are many AI transfiguring companies that seek professionals who have taken training for AI and ML in Chennai, including Accenture, Quantsys, Colan Infotech, Adecco India Pvt Ltd, and more. 

Let us have a look at some facts and figures that show that these tech jobs are highly in-demand everywhere. 

  • According to IDC, investments in cognitive computing and Data Science domain reached around USD 52.2 billion
  • One of the most in-demand job roles across the world is that of a Data Scientist
  • According to a report by Market Research, annual job growth in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning roles is expected by a whopping 28%
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 11.5 million jobs for Data Scientists by the year 2026
  • Many big names are looking for AI and ML professionals, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and more

These figures show that AI and ML jobs will grow consistently in the coming years. With increasing job opportunities in this domain, professionals are looking for online training courses to upskill themselves. 

What makes a training course in Artificial Intelligence high quality?

Here is a list of factors that you should consider while taking up an online training course to upskill yourself:

  • Program Recognition: you should check whether the program and the certificate issued by the training provider are industry-recognized. Is the recognition applicable to India as well as worldwide?
  • Depth of Curriculum: You need to check the depth of the curriculum, whether it is comprehensive or not.
  • Student experience: the feedback from the alumni must also be considered. 
  • Mode of Learning: the training should be immersive, engaging with enough hands-on practice of tools and techniques used in the domain. Also, the training provider should offer you to work on real-life projects and provide highly-interactive training.

This article will inform you about the two best online training courses in the market, offered by Simplilearn and Udacity, the two giants of the ed-tech industry. Let us go through what they have to offer you. 

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning, Chennai

Ranked #1 by TechGig, this Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course by Simplilearn is an excellent choice for upskilling yourself. Simplilearn is considered a top-class training provider when it comes to tech upskilling.

This course is in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM and is an immersive program that enables you to successfully formulate the most rousing tech frontiers across the globe. Purdue University has been popular for providing the best AI courses and providing excellent courses for more than 150 years. This course’s comprehensive and rigorous curriculum is delivered via live classes by industry experts and leading professors to make it an interactive learning experience. This program includes various hands-on industry projects to help you acquire the practical knowledge of tools and techniques used in this domain. 

The credentials you earn on completion of this course are globally recognized. 

Key Highlights:

  • Course duration lasts 12 months
  • Live Online classes
  • Upon completing this course, you get a Purdue PG Certificate, an IBM Certificate, and also access to IBM Watson for practical experience. Also, you get IBM cloud credits for exposure to the platform.
  • You get to work on 3 Capstone projects and also more than 25 projects with data sets from top companies such as Uber, Mercedes Benz, Twitter, and more. 
  • Includes self-paced online videos
  • The skills covered in this course include Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems, TensorFlow, NLP, Python, GANs, Reinforcement Learning, Ensemble Learning, Neural Networks, Keras, NumPy, Speech Recognition, and more.
  • The tools covered in this course are Python, Amazon SageMaker, Keras, NTLK, Sci-kit Learn, Matplotlib, Flask, Django, Open AI Gym, Kubernetes, Alexa, and more. 

With such robust features, this course by Simplilearn is worth your investment of time and money. 

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Udacity’s Nanodegree Program – AWS Machine Learning Engineer

Udacity, another ed-tech giant in the market, is here with its Nanodegree program to help you master the job-ready skills to make your career reach new heights. By taking this course, you will get to master the skills required to excel as a Machine Learning Engineer. You will also learn the data science skills required to start developing and deploying machine learning models using Amazon SageMaker. 

Key Highlights:

  • Learning content curated explicitly by experts in the domain
  • Start building an ML workflow on SageMaker+
  • Learn to operationalize ML projects
  • Capstone Project
  • Get to work on real-world projects under the guidance of industry experts
  • Technical mentor support
  • Access to GitHub portfolio
  • A flexible learning plan that allows you to tailor your schedule as per your convenience

This course is also a great option for upskilling and advancing your machine learning career.

Start Learning Now

Upskilling has become the need of an hour. You should take up a course if you wish to advance your career in the field of Machine Learning. Since Machine Learning skills are one of the most sought-after skills in the tech world, these jobs are highly-paid in every sector. 

The two great courses are discussed in this article, and you can go through the features to select the one that matches your expectations. 

Enroll Yourself Now!!

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