4 Different Types Of Kurtis To Style in Indian Ethnic Wear For Women

Kurtis is a staple all Indian women must have if they want to look good at a traditional event or festival. Indian ethnic wear for women keeps changing, and the styles keep evolving according to the current trends. Women should keep themselves updated to look modern and classy in their kurtis. There are different types of ethnic wear for women available on the market that one should know. Kurtis can be styled according to the occasion, whether a western get-together or a cultural gathering. You need to know how to pair the right accessories, bottom wear, and shoes to curate the best look.

Kurtis are the most versatile and elegant outfits.

You can style ethnic wear for women in an indo-western way as well. Kurtis also serves as great office wear because they are formal and elegant. Every woman must have a few kurtis in basic prints in their wardrobe if they want to look elegant all the time. These kurtis can be styled in more than one way based on the event you are preparing for.

Types of Kurtis for Women

Let’s take a look at the different types of kurtis you can style in Indian ethnic wear for women to look fashionable and appropriate for a particular event:

Straight Kurti

Straight-long kurtis have been there for the longest time. They are the simplest form of ethnic wear for women, specifically for events and cultural get-togethers. Be it a puja in the house or a family outing, straight kurtis will help to create the look. You can also wear them as daily wear because the kurtis carry a formal look. The key is to style them properly so that you do not look odd. You can style your straight kurta with a dupatta and leggings. Sometimes Patiala pants can also be paired with them if you are going to attend an Indian festival. You must wear the correct shoes, such as ethnic flats or jutis, to complete the look.

A-line Kurti

Another popular form of ethnic wear for women is an A-line kurta. These kurtis are fitted from the top and flared at the end. A-line kurtis are perfect for traditional events because they bring out the Indian in you. You can pair this ethnic wear for women with churidar or leggings based on your comfort. Wear the right accessories, such as earrings, bangles, or rings, to complete the look. Heels and stilettos look great with A-line kurtis because they make you look tall. Since these kurtis are flared, you must wear slightly elevated footwear to give you a tall appearance. Wearing heels will also make it comfortable for you to walk in the flared dress.

Anarkali Kurti

Who does not like anarkali kurti? The flared ethnic wear for women is a favourite among most traditional wear lovers. It does not take much time to style Anarkali kurtis because they have their look and class. Anarkali kurtis are usually heavy because they have many flares. This ethnic wear for women is appropriate for weddings or family gatherings. You must wear them with churidars and heels to complete the look. Make sure not to carry too many accessories; otherwise, it can get cumbersome in the end. Your Anarkali kurta has charm, so you should look for accessories that will increase its beauty. Choose prints and patterns that are not too loud. The colour of the kurta should also be subtle and match the occasion.

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Short Kurti

The most convenient form of ethnic wear for women is short kurtis. You can wear them to the office, family gatherings, lunch with friends, movies, etc. Short kurtis for women can also be styled in different ways. It is not necessary that you have to wear them with ethnic bottoms only. Based on the event, you can wear them with leggings or jeans. You can also carry scarves with your short kurti and wear earrings. These types of ethnic wear for women can also be paired with flared pants. You need to make sure that the prints match your scarf and bottoms. Short kurtis are a hit among those who are not fans of cliched Indian wear. They can be carried easily and styled effortlessly.

These are the types of kurtis that you should know and own if you are a woman. Your wardrobe is incomplete without them. The key to looking attractive and fashionable in ethnic wear for women is to style them properly. It is easier to experiment with kurtis because they are versatile and look good with almost anything. You should have the confidence to carry the look. Go for prints, patterns, and colours that suit your personality. You will get many options to choose from, so buying ethnic wear for women should not be a problem.

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