Third-Party Liability and Types of Damages Covered In a Third-Party Liability Claim

Third-party cases involve an injury caused by someone other than your co-worker or employer. This negligence is observed in wrong driving, manufacturing defect in an equipment, damaged property hidden by the owner, and any other action or negligence that has contributed to your injury. Third party liability cases are handled by professional lawyers as it involves a claiming amount called compensation.

Following are few point covered in third-party liability claims:

  • Medical Expenditure

Whether your employer knows it all or not, if you are injured on the work site due to equipment failure or other reason contributing to your injury, your case is liable for third-party liability. Hospital bills and medical bills rise exorbitantly even if you are admitted for a very short period. There is a possibility that you may not be able to pay off your bills all at once. You need legal support to claim the amount you’ve spent on your healthcare due to others’ negligence. 

This involves total compensation of past and future medical treatment expenses related to any type of work injury. 

  • Pain and Distress

You not only undergo physical pain if met with a work related injury, but also emotional pain caused due to jobless state and physical trauma. If your injury is major, you will also have rising bills of counseling and physiotherapy sessions to pay off. Painkillers, sedatives, ointments, massage therapies (if required) and other expenses pile up to give you enough stress and emotional trauma. At times, physical pain makes you emotionally disturbed and you need regular counseling to get back on track. 

  • Lost Wages

Think about the money you have lost lying there in the hospital bed. You could have earned more instead had you not met with an accident. Critical Injuries will compel you to take appropriate and sufficient bed rest for days together. You may lose wages if you have missed your work due to the same. Your earning capacity may reduce if you are hurt and all this may be due to restricted body movements. You are definitely entitled to file a petition in your favor.

  • Rehabilitation Expenses

Any prolonged injury pain will not release you from hospital so soon. You will need to undergo rehabilitation sessions that include physical and occupational therapies, and vocational rehabilitation. Physio sessions include the cost of medicines and physiotherapist to be precise. Vocational includes physiological development and cognitive movement of body. Any challenge related to physical disability which may disallow you to work for many days can be put up as Third party liability.

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