4 reasons to get a family lawyer in Waterloo

Iowa is one of many states that allow for no-fault divorces. If you and your spouse have no major issues and agree that the marriage is irreparable, that is a reason good enough to get a divorce. However, the world is not ideal, and couples often end up in nasty legal battles when they decide to end their marriage. One of the biggest questions that people have is whether it is necessary to hire a family lawyer waterloo. In this post, we share four reasons in support of the decision.

You don’t understand the process

You have certain rights and must fulfil residency requirements to complete the divorce in Waterloo. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of these aspects. In fact, the emotional turmoil makes it challenging to think straight. If you feel you don’t know much about the legal process or how to take care of the paperwork, your best bet is to get an attorney who will manage everything.

You are fighting for child custody

For couples with minor children, child custody often becomes a significant point of contention. There are two aspects – legal and physical custody. Legal custody determines the extent to which a parent has the right to make decisions related to the child’s upbringing, while physical custody determines who the child lives with. If you and your spouse are in disagreement on these issues, talk to a lawyer.

You are in a battle for child support

Another critical issue is child custody. If your child lives with you, your spouse must pay for child support. The calculations can vary for each case, keeping incomes and other factors in mind. An attorney is your best resource for these things, especially when you want to modify the amount or have to show that the child support amount given by your spouse is not enough.

You want alimony

If you depended on your spouse throughout the marriage or when there is a drastic difference in income, you may be entitled to alimony. It also depends on certain factors, such as your standard of living during the marriage and the length of the marriage. Whether you are seeking alimony or want to get relief from paying alimony to your spouse, you need an attorney.

Finally, it would help if you also had an attorney when you have issues like property division or when there are assets that you owned before the marriage.

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