Accident With A Commercial Truck– Who Pays The Damages?

A truck crash can be a traumatic experience, especially when the collision happens with a passenger car vehicle or a pedestrian. The victim is often left with life-threatening injuries that significantly impact their quality of life. Unfortunately, even with the government imposing many rules and regulations, trucking accidents seem to rise. 

If you have been recently injured in a trucking accident, you may be wondering who is responsible for paying your damages. Do not panic, as the law is on your side. The liable party will be held responsible, and you will receive compensation. All you need to do is work with an experienced Houston truck accident Lawyer

Who takes the blame in a commercial vehicle accident?

Which party takes the blame in a commercial vehicle or a trucking accident depends on which party contributed to the accident. The procedure is not different from that of car accidents. There may be only one liable party, or you may be able to take action against more than one entity. You may be able to prove the driver, the trucking company, and even the manufacturer responsible. 

In some cases, most of the blame rests with the driver because they were negligent. For example, if the driver was drunk driving or driving in a fatigued state, they were violating federal and traffic laws. 

Other times, the cause of the accident may be the truck’s unproperly loaded cargo. When the cargo is not loaded properly as per the guidelines given by the federal government or if the truck is overloaded, then accidents can happen. 

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Which parties can be held liable for the trucking accident?

There may be several parties involved in the accident. However, the driver, trucking company, or manufacturer is held liable in most cases in Houston. 

When truck drivers are negligent towards the laws, they may cause accidents. For example, speeding, drunk driving, driving while tired, tailgating, distracted driving, etc., are all signs of rule-breaking. 

Coming to the trucking companies, it is their responsibility to only hire highly qualified employees for their transportation work. Moreover, they should ensure that the employees receive training. They must also conduct regular maintenance and repair checks to ensure the trucks are in their best condition. 

In some cases, the accident may happen due to the truck’s mechanical defaults, which is often not possible to be checked during regular maintenance checks. Tire blowouts, defective lighting, brake failures, and transmission or engine failures are common examples. 

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