Who is Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai & What is the Cause of His Death?

You may know Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai as the man behind the iconic Cobra Kai show. But did you know that he was also an electrician, a cameraman, and a sound recordist? Did you know that he was also a circuit tester? This is what makes him a unique director, and I am sure you will agree.

Albert Olmstead Electrician

Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai was an electrician, film producer, musician, and entrepreneur. His role in Cobra Kai, a Netflix series based on the famous film, was well-known. He had also worked on other films and television shows. Albert was born in 1982 in Florida, and he died in 2021. His death was caused by a wall falling on him. He had been studying computer science and mathematics when he was injured.

Before he became a famous actor, Albert worked as an electrician in the television series Cobra Kai. He was also an accomplished make-up artist, cameraman, and crew member. He was a dedicated family man, putting his family’s needs above his own. His love for his family was apparent and he was a rock to his wife and children.

Sound Recordist

Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai was a sound recordist and a lighting development specialist for television and motion picture productions. He was a married man with two sisters. Her also worked as a pharmacy technician at Kroger. He died on July 19, 2021. The Cobra Kai is an American television series that was picked up for a fourth season on Netflix. Olmstead was one of the most recognized sound recordists and technicians in the industry. He was also a member of the IATSE Local 479.

Albert Omstead was born in 1982 in Augusta, Georgia. He was an electrical expert who worked on many big-budget movies. While he didn’t have a starring role in Cobra Kai, he was an important member of the crew. This backstage group plays a vital role in any production.


Albert Olmstead was born in 1982 in Augusta, Georgia. He was an accomplished electrical engineer and worked in the camera and lighting development division of motion picture and television productions. Her was known for his work on several films and TV shows. He was a well-known and respected member of the industry, and died at the age of 39 in 2021.

In the show, the main character, Johnny Lawrence, is getting older and looking for redemption, so he decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. This leads to a renewed rivalry between him and Daniel LaRusso. The series ran for four seasons. Albert Olmstead was part of the crew of the first season.

Circuit Tester

Albert Olmstead, who died in an accident in July of 2021, was only 38 years old. He had been working on a leaky garage when he was pinned underneath a retaining wall. He died from his injuries while still under the wall. Although the accident was not his fault, it’s a sad story for his family and friends. Albert was an expert in his profession, working on many high-profile projects.

Albert was born in 1982 in Florida. He was an electrical and camera technician who worked for Cobra Kai. While he wasn’t an actor, he played a team role in many high-budget projects. While the main actors often receive all the attention, it is the backstage crew that makes the production work.

Make-Up Artist

Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai was buried in Augusta, Georgia on the 19th of July 2021. A former pharmacy technician, he worked as a rigging grip, a sound recordist, and a cameraman for numerous high-profile movies. Before his death, Olmstead was very active on social networking sites such as Instagram. He was also known to be a skilled electrician.

Albert Olmstead was born in Augusta, Georgia, in 1982. He died in 2021 at the age of 39. Her was an electrical expert and worked as a cameraman and sound recordist for many famous films. He was also a make-up artist who also made movies.


Albert Olmstead worked as a technician on many television series and movies, including the hit television show, Cobra Kai. He was an expert electrician and cameraman on numerous high-budget projects. Albert died in a freak accident in 2021, and his death is a loss to the Cobra Kai community. He was a hard-working member of the crew who made great contributions to many shows.

Final Words:

Besides being a technician on Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai, Albert Olmstead has also worked as a hold on several other TV shows. During his time on Cobra Kai, he supervised the lighting department. His role in the production was important because he was behind the scenes of the filming.

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