Choosing the best PS4 replacement hard drive

When you create a fast search on Google for replacing the internal drive of PS4, you’ll notice several articles that address this topic. Most of them can directly advocate explicit hard drives to use for PS4 supported the author’s own standards. On the opposite hand, you’ll seldom find an academic article that provides a true worth to the subject discussed.


In fact, before you get a PS4 hard drive replacement, you’ve got to grasp that based on what standards you created up your mind. Is it simply because the author that you simply trust suggested a specific drive, therefore you simply follow him? Even as straightforward as that while not even apprehending how he selected that drive and what his key factors were?


Here, during this short article you’ll find out how to decide on the correct PS4 hard drive replacement that completely suits your wants. That’s because, per numerous factors, not all users need a similar drive. These factors you’re reaching to learn before long in this article, then you’ll know precisely what PS4 HDD replacement you need.

1. Why to Replace PS4 Hard Drive?

This is a crucial question here—Why urges you to interchange the PS4 HDD within the 1st place? Also, is it a matter of luxury or necessity? we tend toll, let’s first get acquainted with to the PS4 drive and explore its specifications. That’s so as to own a higher assessment on this matter. Which will facilitate us in future create the correct decision.

2. PS4 Hard Drive Specs

We’ll not run in the technical stuff here. We simply got to apprehend the essential specifications of the PS4 hard drive to urge a better image of what drive we target to replace. 


In fact, PS4 stock drive is simply a slow and superannuated mechanical magnetic disc drive (HDD) that now not conforms to the fashionable storage standards. This drive comes with SATA II interface and 500 GB/1tb of storage capacity. Its spindle speed is 5400RPM and its overall performance isn’t thus pleasing. It’d suits youngsters or random PS4 users, however serious gamers don’t seem to be happy the least bit with it.

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3. Is it Worth the Upgrade/Replacement?

So, is it price substitution PS4 disk drive with a stronger and new drive?


Well, the solution} isn’t straightforward. You’ve got to find what form of user you’re 1st before responsive that question.


The PS4 stock hard drive remains an honest alternative for several users, particularly kids. They don’t want the top-notch performance trendy drives offer, especially that their games aren’t so resource-demanding. However adults who have serious games to play, including enthusiasts, sure can take into account a PS4 hard drive replacement.


4. The Valid Reasons

Well, if you have your PS4 for over a year now, and you play average 2-3 hours daily, you’d sure notice storage-related errors occurring among the PS4 system. Wouldn’t you?

Errors like slow PS4 and lagging, or generally game crash issues, or maybe the quite common error message: “Cannot begin the PS4. Cannot access system storage. CE-34335-8“. These errors, if you’ve got old them yet, you’ll surely kill the close to future. That’s as a result of old drives wants regular maintenance and that they degrade quicker than trendy ones.

So, in brief, the PS4 stock exhausting drive suffers from several liableness problems. These issues can vividly seem once taking part in high-end games with AAA titles.

As for speed, any trendy hard drive is quicker than that 9-years-old drive that PS4 is using, particularly if you choose an SSHD or, even better, an SSD.

As for the restricted storage capacity, it’s not currently a giant issue once PS4 supported the extended storage feature. You’ll be able to choose one in all the PS4 compatible external exhausting drives or simply go and choose the most effective external drives we tend to recommend.

However remember! Replacing the PS4 disk drive with a stronger drive offers higher performance rate and a better gambling experience. Whereas simply adding an external HDD to PS4 solely offers further storage space.


you’ll be able to browse additional details on the specifications of PS4 onerous drive. If you own PS4 professional, you can read the PS4 Pro HDD specs thoroughly as well.

5. Available PS4 HDD Replacement Options

There are 3 kinds of internal storage devices that suited replacement the PS4 HDD—Classical hard disk drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), and Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD). every of those drives has its own cons and pros.

We’ve created 2 comparisons which will enlighten you higher on this topic. SSD vs SSHD for PS4, and SSD vs HDD for PS4.

Moreover, if you’re considering going for an external hard drive instead, please browse this post: PS4 external HDD vs internal.

6. Factors to consider for the best PS4 HDD Replacement

Here are many factors to analyze so as to select the correct PS4 HDD replacement that suits your needs.

7. Price

Once observing pricing, don’t simply look to check that one was the cheapest. Instead, examine which hard drive gives you the most effective bang for your buck.

The winner here was Seagate FireCuda play SSHD. It gives you 2TB worth of storage and offers a pleasant boost to your system’s performance for not a lot of an increase over a 2TB HDD.

8. Storage Size

over nine out of ten times, if you’re searching for a replacement hard drive for your console, it’s as a result of you don’t have any space left on your current one and you’re bored with attempting to work out that games or apps to delete.

If this can be your solely concern, try and get an external hard drive rather than an internal. It’s a lot of easier to line up (just a number of minutes and it’s are going to be prepared for use). however if you would like a mix of large storage capability and performance boost, you wish to upgrade the interior HDD of PS4.

9. Speed

Speed are some things that we tend to all need within the performance of our system, and an SSD for PS4 goes to provide you additional speed than you may raise for. Dropping loading times of games just like the Witcher 3’s begin uploading times from 92.5 seconds all the approach all the way down to 67.5 seconds, and provides you smoother gameplay holding environments render quicker on screen.

Unfortunately, Solid State Drives aren’t progressing to create a lot of distinction than SSHD for you if you aren’t employing a PS4 Pro. Yes, you’ll still have the benefit of the high dependableness of SSD and also the 40-50 additional performance boost; however an SSHD will prevent millions of cash here. that the hard drive with the most effective well-rounded speed performance would need to attend the Seagate FireCuda. You won’t get all of the advantages of a solid state, but hybrid drives still provide an obvious speed boost to your system.

10. Compatibility

It’s vitally necessary that your hard drive is compatible along with your PS4s. The additional things you have got to urge to create it suit your system, the more you have to spend to urge your PlayStation running optimally.

What you wish to grasp initial is that not simply any drive is place into a PS4s or PS4s Pro. They use a smaller 2.5-inch drive size, and also the most vertical clearance for the drives is 9.5mm. Internal drives ought to be bigger than 160GB, and memory device must connect over USB 3.0 (or greater, as USB is backwards compatible) and have a capability between 250GB and 8TB.

You’ll browse additional details on this subject during this post: PS4s hard drive compatibility.

11. Conclusion

It’s not extremely that tough to decide on the correct hard drive replacement for PS4s. you simply ought to apprehend initial what sort of user you are. Are you a light-weight user or heavyweight? If you’re the first, however would like extra storage capacity, you higher simply purchase AN external exhausting drive. Don’t waste cash or efforts for replacement the interior HDD if you don’t need it.

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