How to hire professional teachers online for your school?

Teachers play a crucial role in the success of a school. They not only impact the lives of their students but also add value and reputation to the school. However, it has been observed that sometimes schools struggle to find the right match for their students. This is because the teachers available locally may not cater to the requirements of the school. Hence, schools today are opting to go virtual when they want to hire professional teachers to match the demands of modern 21st century education. 

However, this journey too can bring with itself some hurdles. There are several reasons why hiring professional teachers online can be challenging for schools. One of the most common issues is that schools don’t have enough time to find the best candidate as there are so many applicants who are willing to work as teachers in their school. 

Hiring qualified school teachers is one of the potential challenges that every school encounters. In this article, we will discuss how to hire teachers online for your school and what are the steps involved in hiring a qualified teacher.

The impact of a good teacher 

The role of teachers is very significant in a student’s success. They can be a great source of motivation, as they play an important role in the development and growth of students. Teachers are also responsible for providing students with adequate learning materials that will help them achieve their goals.

An experienced teacher will not only help students excel but also aid in the school’s overall growth. Such teachers can help the school gain international recognition by bringing the best pedagogical practices into the classroom. These teachers are updated with the latest educational developments and bring the best to the table. They not only make learning an enjoyable journey but also develop the institution as a higher centre of education.  

Why do schools find it tough to hire professional teachers?

There are various reasons why schools find it tough to hire professional teachers.

There is a general lack of highly skilled teachers in the world. Most often, these teachers are already employed at high-paying and well-located schools and hence, are not too enthusiastic to shift their job. The teachers that often end up in the final list before the offer letter sometimes do not have the adequate training. This means, schools often have to pay for their training before they are ready to teach. Such hassles often force schools to go for whatever is available readily. 

Another factor is that even when schools find skilled teachers, they are residing in other countries. So communicating with them becomes a problem. However, with the beginning of online classes in full swing, it has become easier to hire off-shore teachers. But how do schools find the required number of teachers without depending on any external help? 

Online hiring of professional teachers

Today there are several online portals that can bring schools from across the world closer to the skilled teachers they are looking for. Some of the best places to find professional teachers online are: 


One of the most favourite social media platforms for professionals from every field from all over the world is LinkedIn. It is not just a place to flaunt our promotions and certifications, but also a good place to hire resources. 

Several teachers today are a part of the platform where they are networking with other contemporaries, schools and other key players of the global education sector. It is a highly relevant place for teachers to grow. As a school, you can easily come across highly-skilled teachers on LinkedIn and reach out to them through messages. You can also cross-check about their qualifications and their job profile easily here. 

Social media

Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. too are excellent places to spot highly slicked teachers for your school. If you were thinking that these sites were only about sharing pictures and videos, then you were wrong. They are much more than that today. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. have many groups and communities where people reach out to each other for different purposes. Some of these are also professional. You can easily join teacher groups and communities on social media and start hiring the right teachers for your school. 

Job portals

Just like for any other profession, job portals are an excellent source of information to find the right teacher. Several teachers who are looking for a change in their job post their qualifications and expected roles and responsibilities on these portals. You can easily filter out the right match for you by opting for the requirements that you’re looking for. Just make sure to choose the right job portals in case you want to hire internationally. 

There are also reputed teacher upskilling platforms like Suraasa that regularly update jobs and vacancies for teachers and schools on their platform. The teachers who register on Suraasa are verified and hence, schools can easily avoid the cumbersome process of verifying their credentials. 

Tips and tricks to pick up the right candidate as teach iners online

You can hire a teacher based on the following factors:

Qualifications and experience

This is where you should look for someone who has a master’s degree in education and is currently working as an educator. The candidate should also be able to demonstrate their teaching skills through past experiences, internships or volunteer work at schools.

Attitude and personality traits

A good teacher must have positive energy, enthusiasm, patience and most importantly – charisma! They need to be able to inspire students with their teaching techniques while motivating them towards success through various methods such as motivational speaking or role play exercises!

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Verify the information

You may think that hiring teachers online may seem a little suspicious as you may never know if their profile is authentic. But, like they say, the internet is a boon, when it comes to cross verification. Once you zero down to a few finalists, make sure to reach out to their current place of work and ask for a general review of the candidate. 

Do not hesitate to seek a written communication stating and validating their years experience and qualifications. You can also communicate with their colleges and universities to ensure that you’re picking the right person with the right qualifications. Such points are especially important when you are hiring someone who is not from your local town or city. 

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Hiring a qualified teacher is one of the potential challenges that every school encounters. Schools need to consider the best ways to pick up the right candidate as teachers are very important in student’s success. There are various reasons why schools find it tough to hire professional teachers. The impact of a good teacher on a student’s future is very high. For schools, hiring professional teacher can be challenging for many reasons. However, with the right approach and strategy, schools can select the right candidates successfully

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