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IGTOR is a fictional character that appears in several popular films and video games. The film Frankenstein featured him as the assistant of Professor Mortimer Gangreen. He has also appeared in the Far Side comics. In addition to the film, Igor is also a character in the Persona video game series.

Yuppie Assistant to Professor Mortimer Gangreen

IGTOR is a recurring character in the Far Side comics, appearing in various mad scientist and horror situations. He also appears in the Steven Spielberg video game Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. Despite his name, he’s a very ordinary Yuppie, who just wants to be a lab assistant to Professor Gangreen.

As a character type, IGTOR typifies a standard stock character in horror films. The hunchback assistant is often the butler to a villain. The character has been seen in many horror movies and horror parodies, from the Frankenstein films to the Van Helsing movies.

Character in Persona Video Game Series

Igor is the servant of Philemon, a magical being that allows humans to awaken their personas. Although his appearance is striking, he is incredibly calm and reserved when speaking with the protagonists. He does not divulge information until it is “timely”, and often makes cryptic remarks about protagonists’ actions. These comments seem to foreshadow events in the series, but Igor admits he cannot foresee every outcome.

English Voice Actors

The English voice actors for Igor are younger than their counterparts in the Japanese version. In the English version, Dan Woren plays the character, while Vic Mignogna plays the role in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Kirk Thornton’s new role in Persona 5 may have been in response to scheduling conflicts.

While Igor’s appearance is consistent with his previous Persona games, he doesn’t mention that he is Philemon’s servant in Persona 4. Instead, he is a proprietor of a limo and the Velvet Room, a place between reality and dreams. Igor also appears to be accompanied by Margaret.

The Far Side Comics

Igor is a comic book character from “The Far Side” by Gary Larson. He is the assistant to Dr. Cranium, a mad scientist. He’s also a servant to the vampire leader Count Dragorin. Igor has appeared in several Far Side comics. He is also a character in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of the Darkness.

Far Side Comics feature

The Far Side comics feature a cast of Igors, including a male and female Igor. The male is named Igor, while the female Igor is named Igorina. Both male and female Igors are talented chemists and surgeons, and double as butlers. They also have a tendency to replace body parts with bits from their former owners.

Another example of Igor is the character Fritz from Universal Pictures’ adaptation of Frankenstein. The character was originally named Ygor, and the name Igor was adapted from the original play. Many of the modern references to Igor are based on Frankenstein, although many of them include subtle twists.

Classic Tale of Frankenstein

In the classic tale of Frankenstein, the creator of the monster, Victor Frankenstein, creates a new creature, and this time, the new creation is named Igor. Igor was a hunchback who worked in a circus. He is cured of his hump after meeting Dr. Frankenstein, and the two become close friends. After the circus, Igor accepts an offer to become a lab assistant for the scientist.

The role of IGTOR in the Frankenstein film has been considered a stand-in for the Creature. Both Igor and the Creature were created by Victor, who tells Igor, “I created you, I created you.” The Creature of Shelley’s story is made from the dead parts of a body. The Creature in the Frankenstein films is a twisted and embittered human.

Final Words:

Although Igor did not appear in the original Frankenstein novel, Igor is a popular stock character. He is sometimes a fiendish character and sometimes a hunchback laboratory assistant. He was most prominently portrayed by Bela Lugosi in the 1939 film Son of Frankenstein. The character is synonymous with mad scientists, but there are no direct ties between the original novel and the film. Popular parlance Igor was developed for the Universal Studios franchise.

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