Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

2022The year 2020 has thrown our lives into disarray. Even now, in the year 2021, the epidemic has resurfaced, causing havoc on many enterprises. According to the New Indian Express, nearly half of global CEOs believe that returning to normalcy will be impossible until 2022. Are you worried about who will Do my dissertation? Join us at our website dissertation sky


As a result, the current scenario produced by COVID-19 has resulted in the acceleration of operational digitalization and the necessity for next-generation trends. During the pandemic, when physical stores are closing and forced to close their doors, many companies turn to digital marketing as an alternative. COVID-19 may be considered to have revolutionised the way the organisation operates and defined a new age of marketing, namely digital marketing.


More and more businesses are migrating to online working models, which is only being referred to as “the new normal.. Here is the list of several Digital Marketing trends which should be regarded by the firms while constructing the digital marketing plan for the approaching years:

Online Live Streaming

During a lockdown, staying at home means avoiding going to any activities or mingling with friends and family. This has resulted in an increase in individuals’ Livestreaming. When a video is delivered via the Internet in real-time, it is referred to as live streaming. If you are looking for Dissertation Help Online contact us


 This may be seen as live digital marketing, which is increasingly being employed by marketers in their digital marketing strategy. This improves the user experience and adds a feeling of distinctiveness, connecting businesses with their customers. Live broadcasting contributes to increased user interaction with the company.


The following instances demonstrate the power of live streaming: With the aid of simply live broadcasting, Kim Kardashian was able to sell over 150,000 bottles of her perfume in only minutes. Isn’t it fantastic?

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User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is an effective way to reach millennials and Gen Z users. Many firms nowadays encourage their customers to provide creative content in exchange for discounts, awards, or free items. To get digital marketing dissertation help contact us at dissertation sky. 


Apple launched a contest in 2019 to raise awareness of the iPhone’s camera quality. Users were invited to participate in the contest by submitting their finest iPhone photos using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone. After a 15-day contest, a team of judges picked 10 winning images, which were shown on billboards in selected locations, in Apple shops, and online.

Featured snippets and zero-click searches

The companies have been focusing on achieving the number one position on the Search Engine Result Pages for many years. Nowadays, in 2021, the primary objective of brands is to reduce their visibility to “position zero.”


It’s because the volume of smartphone searches, particularly voice-assisted searches, has skyrocketed. Voice searches account for 20% of all Google searches, and 58 percent of US customers utilized voice search to browse for local company information. Due to these figures, more marketers are attempting to invest in Position Zero SEO by optimizing web pages. Also, with the help of excellent content, answer the query in the keyword.

Create a Google My Business account

Google My Business is a form of Google account that allows you to appear in search results when people look for you online. The tool is given by Google for free and is meant to help your company get seen on various search engines. It’s also utilised to keep consumers up to date on what’s going on. When someone searches for your company, they should obtain accurate information about you and your company directly from the source.


The following information is included in the Google My Business listing:


  • Information about how to contact us.
  • Hours of operation
  • Address
  • Service area, as well as other important information

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is at the centre of global business today. The business has used AI in a variety of ways. Some use it for procedures, while others use it for marketing. Businesses utilise AI to better communicate, analyse data, forecast consumer behaviour, and more, which eventually helps them reduce manual burden.


Artificial intelligence is rapidly altering digital marketing. AI has a significant impact on how organisations communicate with customers and manage their marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence is influencing the future of digital marketing.


Most commercial giants, such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, now employ artificial intelligence (AI), which is the intelligence displayed by computers. It is capable of gathering data, analysing it, and making judgments. It speeds up the process of making data-driven judgments. AI is expected to boost productivity by 40% by 2035, according to some estimates. Here are some instances of how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in digital marketing:


Customer engagement chatbots: Chatbots are live chat interfaces that communicate with humans as if they were in a genuine discussion. Chatbots may be utilised to answer all consumer questions and increase revenue for a company. Customers are already familiar with Chatbots, and this has developed with the launch of devices such as Alexa, a virtual assistant that communicates like a human.


 These are nothing more than artificial intelligence (AI) systems developed to minimise human workload, which has now become an essential component of the business. For example, the Maharashtra government created Aapki Sarkar, a chatbot that allows users to receive information about public services. The chatbot is available in Hindi and Marathi.

Another example is ixigo’s ‘ixibaba,’ which answers all of your travel questions and offers faster responses than a human could, cutting down on discussion time.


Voice Search: With the increased usage of AI, we have seen the introduction of AI-powered virtual assistants. It is because over half of all queries are now conducted using voice search, and this development in voice search has also resulted in the introduction of conversational AI. This is similar to chatbots, in which virtual assistants deliver direct replies through discussion. Users like voice Chat Bots because they can load information quicker, get less traffic, and have more personalisation. Apps created using a voice assistant, such as YouTube, Paytm Travel,, and others.


Personalization of marketing messaging: AI aids in providing users with a tailored experience in marketing messages. Personalization of communications aids in the beneficial transformation of the customer and corporate behaviour. Companies may employ AI-powered applications to evaluate a user’s voice, picture, and behaviour in order to deliver tailored suggestions and recommendations. 


It provides organisations with greater business opportunities. Depending on the visitor’s past, personalization can be performed through ad targeting, tailored messages, product recommendations, or website content adverts. Amazon, for example, makes suggestions to consumers based on their previous purchases, searches, and views.


Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality: These days, Augmented and Virtual Reality are buzzwords. First, let us define what they imply. Virtual reality is a simulation in which a person uses electronic equipment to interact with an artificial three-dimensional world. Augmented Reality may be defined as a modified depiction of the actual world that incorporates digital features such as sound and sensors. Few businesses are incorporating augmented and virtual reality into their marketing strategy.


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