Who Should Apply for Loan Refinancing?

When a car buyer applies for an auto loan, they need to complete all of the steps required for any other type of loan. The lender will want to check on the individual’s credit history and whether they owe money to other lenders. They also look at whether the person defaulted on loans in the past and if they have a good job or income source to pay for their loan. Many people use refinancing as a way to reduce the interest they owe and save on their car payments. Those who should apply for refinancing include anyone who has credit factors that have changed since they obtained their loans.

Credit Score Improvements

The best time to refinance an auto loan is when the borrower has some improvements in their credit score. Those with a credit score of 720 or higher qualify for the best rates, while shoppers with a score of less than 620 pay the highest rates. Though lenders base interest rates on the borrower’s credit score, they can change those rates as the borrower’s score improves. Someone with a bad credit score which later enters the fair or good credit section should refinance their auto loan.

Car Value Rises

Lenders have to know for sure that they will get their money back, which is why they do not offer loans that are worth more than the car is worth. If a car is worth $20,000, the lender may offer a loan that covers the full cost of the vehicle and any taxes or fees. With older models, lenders use the blue book value to decide if the vehicle is worth the amount the borrower requests. As the borrower builds positive equity and the car is worth more than the original loan, they should refinance it to change their loan payments.

Lender Issues

Some borrowers refinance simply because they don’t like their lenders or they have issues with them. A lender might attempt to charge late fees the day a loan is due or sell the borrower’s information to others who call them about extended warranties and other things. Borrowers may also dislike how long it takes a lender to post their payments or how often they call about their loans. According to Lantern by SoFi, comparing rates is the best way to get a worthy lender when borrowers look at auto loan refinancing. This allows them to find a lender they like and can trust.

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To Remove a Cosigner

Borrowers with bad or poor credit scores often have a hard time securing car loans. They can qualify for the loans they need and get better rates when they apply with a cosigner. When that borrower wants to remove the cosigner, they can either file a release form or refinance the loan. This holds the buyer responsible for the entire loan and removes any liability the cosigner had. This often happens when a married couple takes out a car loan jointly and then divorces. 

Borrowers who want to change their auto loans for any reason should opt for refinancing.


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