5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Your Workers Compensation Claim

Claiming Workers’ Compensation benefits is not an easy task. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help those who are injured on the job at a workplace. However, insurance companies often deny claims for various reasons. That makes it difficult for the victims of workplace accidents to receive the benefits that they deserve. In such times, a workers’ compensation attorney can provide legal assistance to help the victims get what they really deserve.

This article will provide five reasons that insurance companies can deny your compensation claim.

  • You missed the statute of limitations

Many people do not even realize that there is a statute of limitations period for filing a workers’ compensation claim. That is why it is important to file your claim as early as possible so that you do not miss the limits deadline. If the insurance company learns that you have missed the statute of limitations, they will deny your claim and it will be too late to file a lawsuit.

  • Your injury was never reported

Workers’ compensation benefits are meant to provide financial assistance to those who have been injured on the job at their place of employment. However, there is a limit to the amount of time that workers can receive such benefits. If you are injured and you do not consider it serious enough to report it, then it will be too late when you try to file a claim. So, be sure that you make a report within the given time frame so that you can file your claim.

  • Your employer is challenging your claim

Your employer might be challenging your workers’ compensation denying that your injury was incurred due to negligence at the workplace. In such cases, you will have to prove that the accident was indeed caused by the negligence of your employer.

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  • You did not receive medical treatment

You will not receive any compensation benefits if you did not receive any medical treatment or if you refused to follow the doctor’s advice. In fact, you should get your injuries diagnosed and get proper treatment to qualify for the workers’ compensation claim.

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  • You left your job before you filed your claim

If you have been injured on the job and you quit working or were terminated from your job before filing a claim, then it is likely that you will not be able to receive any workers’ compensation benefits.

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