What is the duration of the personality development course?

In any job interview, the first thing that employers notice is a candidate’s personality. Having a great character gives you an edge over others in today’s competitive landscape. Germany’s character development certification course polishes and improves presentation and communication skills, preparing you to succeed in any field. Top German universities offer character development certification courses online, and you can earn them in just four weeks. You just have to spend four to six hours developing an impressive personality per week.

Why should I opt for a personality development course?

Whether in a job interview or a group discussion, having a good personality attracts everybody. In fact, a unique character helps you stand apart from the crowd. Science experts suggest that individuals perceived as attractive are more likely to land a job quickly compared to others.

That’s why a personality development course in German universities aims to encourage leadership and character development. The course also provides strategies and frameworks for personal growth, goal setting, and self-improvement. Studying a personality development course will assist you in developing your own model of character strengths and values through engaging with various industry speakers. 

In collaboration with industry experts, German universities enable you to reflect on your business responsibilities, such as leadership, effective communication, and time management. The course helps you understand your unique character and style and groom your personality.

Moreover, a personality development course develops leadership thinking and provides fresh perspectives. The course helps you learn how to handle your finances, create persuasive speeches, choose morally, and think more creatively.

Personality development course module

The four-week character development certification covers various topics relevant to the field. The following are the course module:

Introduction to Doctoral Studies Innovation and creativity Communication and decision-making
Change and Management Strategy in business Research stage with supervision
People in Organisations Knowledge development and management complexity Thesis


The course also focuses on developing confidence, caring, communication, purpose, career, interview, personal management, strengths, weaknesses, health, nutrition, parenting, motivation, self-understanding, assertiveness, leadership, optimism, and organisation efficiency. Moreover, the course educates you on the multiple aspects of self-development.

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Personality development course fee in Germany

A four-week personality development course at a top German university costs EUR 1,320. You can earn the certificate online.

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Common personality development skills

The following are the major personality traits that you will develop after pursuing a personality development certification:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Diplomacy
  5. Adaptability
  6. Friendly
  7. Research and analytical skills
  8. Social confidence
  9. Sociable
  10. Assertive 
  11. Outgoing
  12. Energetic
  13. Interpersonal skills
  14. Problem-solving
  15. Work ethics
  16. Leadership
  17. Openness
  18. Extroversion
  19. Neuroticism

Enrolling in the personality development certification course helps build your own unique character and personality development. You will also upskill your strategic action and develop leadership thinking. So, opt for the course in Germany to bring leadership skills to your professional practice and navigate everyday professional complexities. Apply for the course now to cultivate your leadership style!

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