Felt Hats for Men: A Brief Guide for Hat Lovers

In menswear, hats are making a grand comeback. It has been several years since hats were a wardrobe must-have and a style accessory for men. According to experts at Forbes, in the past, we have seen men flaunt hats in a formal environment, but today hats have not just become a fashion accessory, contemporary men tend to wear hats with all menswear styles, including well-fitted suits or casual jeans and t-shirts. Today, you can flaunt a hat during the day and even at night. In this context, we understand that rich, expensive felt fedora hats are timeless accessories that can take your style to the next level. Take proper care of your prized felt hats to preserve them in top condition. As winter approaches, hat lovers take out their expensive felt wool fedora hats to give them a polished look.

What are felt hats made of?

It is crucial to understand and learn more about your felt hat to use it properly and carry out a perfect maintenance procedure to keep it in pristine condition. Felt is essentially a textile material made of wool with hair fibers. Felt is not at all woven. Instead, the hair fibers and wool are intertwined seamlessly because of the action of pressure, heat, and water. As such, weaving is not essential. The felt hat material does not fray.

Felt is different from other fabrics. It comprises a myriad of single, short animal fibers interlocked together because of their natural inclination to move and even twist when manipulated and kneaded in steam and hot water. Felt is the most robust hat fabric since each fiber seems to be interlocked seamlessly in all directions with multiple fibers. Felt is an incredibly smooth, light, and robust material. Moreover, felt is far more water-resistant than straw or cotton, thanks to the closely and tightly interlocked fibers. Moreover, animal fibers are not known to soak up moisture.   

Felt hats are made of wool felt or fur felt. Wool felt hat is excellent for traveling and using it as an everyday hat. However, a fur felt hat could be exceptionally soft and quite costly. It will last several years with proper storage, cleaning, care, and overall maintenance. Nutria and beaver are the superlative fur used in making premium hats. The fur used in hat making is the under-fur of animals, not the coarse, long hair commonly known as fur. The under fur has the perfect composition for making a robust felt fabric

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Felt Hat Care Tips

Fur felts happen to be far superior to all other felt hats since they are super-smooth texture-wise, weather-resistant, and exceptionally lightweight. All felt hats should be in perfect condition. You may take good care of your expensive accessories to boost their longevity. Keep brushing your felt hats using a good quality soft-bristled brush regularly. Always remember to brush your felt hats in solely an anti-clock direction and use steam for proper care to bring the fur back to its authentic direction. Felt hats for men need care and some TLC to remain intact and continue serving you without any issues. Cleaning your felt hat is fundamental to keeping it in pristine condition for many years. Brushing your felt hat helps prevent and arrest the accumulation of harmful dust and other particles that may eventually contribute to its deterioration.

You may use two different brushes to maintain your dark felt hats and light felt hats. It prevents dark hairs from mixing with light ones. Curved brushes created specifically for hat maintenance are best for perfect felt hat care. Alternatively, you are free to use a lint roller to get rid of the dirt or dust. However, you may use it gently to prevent your hat from getting deformed. 

How to Take Care of Wet Felt Hats

If your hat accidentally gets wet in the rains, it is mandatory to get rid of the excess water. It is best to let it dry naturally outdoors. Try using a large pitcher or hat shape for holding it and preventing the brim of the felt hat from being badly crushed. It may also help prevent the pinch or top of your felt hat from getting deformed. 

A Grave Mistake in Hat Care

Often people make the mistake of drying a wet felt hat by placing it directly on top of a heat source like a stove or radiator. Never put your hats near the heat source as it can destroy or damage the components and may deform your prized hat. Wait patiently for your felt hats to naturally dry in a properly ventilated space.


Take perfect care of your expensive felt hats for boosting longevity. Always store it carefully by placing the hat upside down. Avoid the weight from falling on the brim. Keep your hot-favorite felt hats in perfect condition.

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