Is Data Science Certification Worth it?

Many people consider joining data science certification courses before starting a career in data science, and many are confused about the worthiness of certification. You know what, ‘Is data science certification worth it?’, is the most searched question on quora or search engines. 

A data science certification course helps you gain practical and theoretical knowledge and skills needed to become a professional data scientist. Will this article state all the relevant details regarding data science certification and is it worth joining the course or not?

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a broad term incorporated with extracting data insights using tools, business algorithms, and acumen. From internal data collection of a company regarding its customer, products, and sales to external data collection such as social media engagement, traffic on websites, and product page engagement, data science assists in gathering the information systematically to accelerate the growth of any organization. It helps make the corporate goals, relevant strategies, and roadmap to achieve these goals.

What Is the Future of Big Data?

We consume tons of data in a single day which is essential for a business to read for pitching their products and services to the right audience. Today, data plays a significant role in business growth, and data management is the future trend of data science which is now critical for several industries. 

Big data is expected to grow in the coming years:

  • Big data has become the core of almost every industry and helps get insights needed to make business decisions.
  • The significant growth of the big data industry is led by banking, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, federal/central government, and professional services.
  • More than half of the revenue comes from U.S.-based companies, with larger firms responding to the significant growth.

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Benefits of Big Data

How organizations incorporate big data will increasingly impact information processing in operational systems. It lists the main advantages for businesses in the order mentioned here:-

  • Improved judgment based on quantifiable data, allowing for wise, purposeful expansion.
  • Enhancing the use of your product and providing the solutions your clients seek.
  • Finding the best and most qualified candidates.
  • Teaching employees to use insights to increase sales.
  • Understanding your clients better helps you find your target market.

Businesses and organizations need to change how big data is collected and segmented to keep up with the evolving technology trends since it can be the difference between a firm that struggles and one that thrives.

How Does a Data Science Certification Course Impacts Your Job Search?

Before seeking a job, it is essential to build your skills first. Though you have completed your basic data science knowledge during your bachelor’s studies, a certification can help you equip comprehensive expertise according to the industry’s current scenario. 

Adding updated knowledge and skills to your resume helps your resume stand out among employers. It is an excellent way for students to demonstrate that they were actively engaged in learning new skills. 

What is most important to recruiters is whether you can do the job, which they can predict after considering your skills mentioned in the portfolio. These skills can be learned through certification courses. 

During the interview, be ready with the answers related to the skills mentioned in your resume. Because employers always ask questions related to the skills and expertise you’ve mentioned in your resume. So, always make sure to put only those skills in which you have expertise.

How to Choose the Right Data Science Certificate Program?

Numerous online platforms provide the data science certificate program to individuals differently. You must search for the most suitable one per your budget, learning pace, and time. 

For that, you are required to visit every website and look after the details mentioned below.

  1. Recognition of the certificate – This is the first thing you must look after while joining the certification program.
  2. Curriculum and Syllabus – The program syllabus must be updated per the data industry’s current scenarios.
  3. Faculty Experience –  This is essential to check the faculty experience and in which field they have worked.
  4. Reviews – Reviews helps to check the truthfulness of the institute. To identify whether the institute is providing the things mentioned on the website, it is essential to check the reviews.
  5. Alumni achievements –  Alumni achievements determine how the institute helps the students to achieve their ambition and goals.
  6. Placement options – This is the most critical aspect before joining any certification course. The institute must have collaborated with the top companies where you can have the chance to join.

Future Scope of Data Science

As mentioned above, big data becomes essential for a business to thrive in the market. Hence, professionals need to manage and take out the critical insights from the data. There is enormous career scope in the field of data science. Individuals having the relevant skills and expertise in the same domain can get the opportunity to work in the top companies with higher payrolls. 


There is a high demand for data science specialists in almost every industry, and many individuals are evolving in this field due to its higher payroll and future career security. A data science certificate course helps your resume to stand out in the competition. While searching for which certification is best, consider the platforms that best help you learn data science skills’ complete and trending fundamentals. This helps to land a great job in the field of data science. Hero Vired is a premium institute started by the Hero Group to offer industry-oriented courses to individuals in various fields, including Data Science. The institute offers the best placement opportunities to the students. To get the complete information visit their website.

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