How to Make Your Brother Feel Special Throughout the Year

It’s an almost universal truth that brothers and sisters are more than just family – they’re friends, partners in crime, confidants and inspiration. Siblings were the source of a lot of entertainment and frustration when we were kids. But did you know you could use these feelings for positive purposes, even as adults? It’s time to become more grateful for your sibling. Below we have mentioned the occasions you can make your brother feel extra loved. 


Make your brother feel special on his birthday. Create a party theme around him, and give him a gift that will reflect the theme. If he’s into sports, go with something related to his favourite team or sport. Look for a sheet music book or an instrument if he’s into music. If he’s into science, find out if he’s interested in astronomy or chemistry so you can give him a book on those subjects.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider getting him something that has personal meaning to both of you. Maybe one of you has always wanted to learn how to play the guitar; if so, this could be the perfect opportunity for one of you to teach the other how to play it! Your brother deserves a special day just as much as anyone else does! So make sure you spend time planning what kind of celebration you want to throw for him — and make sure it goes off without any problems!

Brother’s Day

It’s Brothers Day, and there’s no better way to make your brother feel special than by celebrating him with a thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for an affordable gift that he’ll love, choose a personalized item. Personalized items are always thoughtful and fun because they have a personal touch. Here are some ideas:

Customized T-Shirts: Customized t-shirts make great gifts because they’re easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. You can customize t-shirts with different colours, designs or text. You can also get custom t-shirts for the entire family to wear on brother’s day or any other special event!

Personalized Pillowcases: Pillowcases are another excellent gift idea because they let him express his style and personality in his bedroom. The best thing about pillowcases is that they can be personalized with anything from pictures to messages!

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Sibling’s Day

Sibling Day is the perfect opportunity to show how much you care about your brother. If you don’t get much time with each other during the year, this is the perfect opportunity to hang out as siblings. If you live close by each other, take some time off work and go out together for lunch or an afternoon movie. If your sibling lives far away, plan a phone call or Skype session so you can catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Write Them a Letter

One of the best ways to tell someone how much they mean to you is through written communication. Write down your thoughts, ideas and feelings about your relationship with your brother and share them with him on Sibling Day. If he isn’t into reading letters, send him an email.

Raksha Bandhan

Make your brother feel special on this Raksha Bandhan. Here are some tips that will help you make it a memorable one. On this day, brothers and sisters celebrate their love and bond by exchanging rakhis. The sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist while taking a vow to protect him from all evil forces. The brother, too, promises to take care of his sister. If your brother lives anywhere in Dubai, you can send gifts, hampers and Rakhi to Dubai at his residence through an online rakhi store without paying any shipping charges. Raksha Bandhan is an important festival for all Indians because it celebrates the sacred bond of love between siblings. Brothers and sisters should try to celebrate this festival with their family members. It is also a good time to strengthen relationships with relatives and friends who are close to each other.

Make your brother feel special throughout the year. Send him a greeting card and warm wishes on his big day. You will surely make him feel loved and wanted, which is easy when he’s your brother.

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