Simple anime girl drawing ideas

I grew up drawing characters from souls and manga-inspired manga, so I decided to create a collection of light soul feminine designs for beginner artists to draw.


1. Drawing people, in general, can be complicated.

However, if you take it a step simultaneously and practice some parts more and more times, you can help improve your design skills. Above all, I hope that you can create these anime designs! Art is a great way to eliminate the spirit of stress or worries you can have.


2. A friendly memory for every artist

If you first start drawing soul figures, they are all blink and disproportionate. It took years for years to come to this point. They also come with enough practice! Enjoy the process and record it! The art that moves now approaches the art you create in the future.


3. Girl and a butterfly

Here is a simple design to try a girl looking at a butterfly cracking.


4. Drawing of the anime chitin girl

I tend to have a lighter time that pulls Chibi characters, so a simple girl of Chibi soul design to draw others. You can also have fun redesigning this sweet hairstyle.


5. Design of smile eyes

Pulling anime eyes can be difficult, so I sometimes replace them with a smile. Instead of practicing the design of eyes, we can draw the face and the upper body with this idea of drawing.


6. In front

Here is a simple design idea of ​​a girl who aims to practice the design.

Side profile design. Let us attract a later page profile!


7. Drawing of whole body chimes

Here is a complete Chili design to draw others. I also tried to simplify the eyes, but feel free to draw any eye style you like.


8. Girl with short hair

Here is a simple idea of ​​an anime drawing of a girl with short hair.


9. Auguring female anime

Try to practice anime-style eyes by drawing. The eyes themselves can be a bit complicated to draw, causing eyes exclusively to practice exclusively looks, which improves significantly.


10. Anime Girl Face Design

For beginner artists, it’s a good idea to practice yourself and again until you feel sure that you draw this object. Here is a face design to practice with the content of your heart.


11. Clothing design

Another great idea to draw is your favorite Traum outfit on an anime or chibi character.


12. Winch girl

Here is a simple design of a blinking anime girl to draw.


13. Girl with wavy hair

We design beautiful wavy hair according to your character’s soul!


14. Facial expressions

One of the best design skills is to bring a character to life with facial expressions, especially if you are trying to tell a story through your art. Have fun and draw some soul figures with different facial expressions.


15. Girl with Straight Hair

Try this easy drawing of an anime girl with lengthy and straight hair.


16. Pencil Drawing

Most anime easy girl drawings in this blog post are pen drawings to show you clean lines to draw. However, I also love drawing characters using just a pencil. I find that it creates natural shadows, and you can get more detailed yet soft-looking lines and textures.


17. Girl in a Hoodie

I love lounging around the house in an oversized, comfy hoodie, so here is an anime girl to draw wearing just that.


18. Girl with Curly Hair

Here is an easy drawing of an anime girl with curly hair.


19. Girl with a Scarf

Here is a cute anime girl wearing a scarf to draw.


20. Girl in Floral Shirt

Here is another cute idea: an anime girl wearing a puff-sleeve floral shirt.

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21. Chic Anime Girl Drawing

I love scrolling through and glancing at chic style ideas, so here is a drawing of an anime girl with a blazer to fit that energy.


22. Girl with Cat Ears

Next, let’s try drawing an anime girl with cat ears.


23. Drinking Bubble Tea

Here is a drawing idea of a girl drinking bubble tea to try next.


24. Girl with Pigtails

There is a drawing of an anime girl with pigtails to draw following.

25. Crying Girl Drawing

Here is a crying anime girl drawing idea to try out as well.


26. Perspectives

It is beneficial to practice drawing faces from different views. This drawing is from a 3/4 stance and various drawings in this blog post.


27. Sleeping Girl Drawing

Create this whimsical, sleeping anime girl drawing idea next.


28. Girl with Glasses

Here is an adorable drawings of a girl with glasses to try drawings as well.


29. Full Body Outfit

Here is a full-body anime girl with a cute outfit drawings idea that is not chibi style.


30. Big Round Female Eyes

I love drawings big round anime eyes, so here is a drawings idea to help you practice drawings eyes in this style as well.


31. Girl Wearing a Bucket Hat

And for our last drawings idea, here is a girl wearing a bucket hat and a tank top to draw next.

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