Trending IT Certification Courses To Boost Your Career – COBIT 2019 & CCSP

A career in Information Technology, besides being lucrative, is also extremely tough to establish. Let us know more about two of the best IT certification courses you can obtain to gain a significant professional advantage. First, we shall discuss COBIT 2019 followed by CCSP The certification training costs vary significantly in each institute. For instance, the COBIT 2019 certification cost might differ hugely amongst the various institutes.

1. COBIT 2019 Certification

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is an IT management framework designed by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It provides you with the best tools, practices, and strategies universally applicable in all IT operations. COBIT 2019 is the latest version of COBIT which succeeded COBIT 5 (released in 2012). COBIT 2019 consists of multiple frameworks working harmoniously to align IT governance with IT management. Some of the key advantages of obtaining a COBIT 2019 certification are numerous include:

  • COBIT 2019 is perfect for businesses that aim at optimally utilizing IT methodologies to their advantage. It arms them with the necessary frameworks essential to implement operations that would optimize their performance.
  • It helps in providing organizational structures to ensure effective decision-making. It makes individuals aware of their roles and responsibilities, enhancing their efficiency.
  • COBIT 2019 provides businesses with a platform to evaluate both individual performance and workforce performance. Hence, it helps in the performance management of different companies.
  • The open-source model of COBIT 2019 helps keep up with the technological updates and then adapt accordingly.

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2. CCSP Certification

CCSP (which stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional) refers to an IT professional who enjoys proficiency in cloud-based operations. It is often considered the gold standard for cloud security expertise. It teaches you how to design, manage and protect data in the cloud by implementing the best practices available. Furthermore, with CCSP certification, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud structures, operations, infrastructure security, deployment models, risk management, etc. Some of the key benefits of obtaining a CCSP certification include:

  • CCSP certification enhances your credibility due to its global acceptance. It validates your advanced skill sets and proficiencies in cloud security. It makes you more trustworthy and reliable as a professional.
  • It makes you more versatile by improving your efficiency. It enables you to apply your expertise across different cloud platforms. Moreover, it allows you to remain up to date with the latest cloud security practices and updates.
  • CCSP certification will make you adequately armed to recognize the security loopholes that could be potentially exploited and fix them. The numerous advantages make the CCSP certification cost very justifiable.
    It also allows you to become well-adept at implementing cloud deployment models and security frameworks. Furthermore, it helps you better understand the emerging technologies in the arena of cybersecurity.
  1. The Bottom Line

The best IT certifications will allow you to stay ahead of your peers and gain considerable professional advantage. These certifications will make you more marketable and provide validation to your expertise. Both COBIT 2019 certification cost and CCSP certification cost can be viewed as wise investments considering their long-term career benefits. Enroll yourself in the top certification training course immediately and enjoy the myriad benefits!


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