Virtual Sales Pitching and How You Can Still Be a Great Salesperson Remotely

Since the Covid pandemic upended most of the social norms in society, the virtual world has become a replacement of sorts for the physical one. A lot of business was forced to go online when people couldn’t meet face-to-face. The impact on the world’s sales force was such that both salespeople and clients had to learn how to negotiate with one another virtually. 

Invest in the Right Tools for Your Client’s Needs

When you’re considering how to get a sale, you should always be considerate of your client’s needs. If you believe that a free Zoom Backgrounds Office background can be a difference-maker, you should lean into it. If visuals are needed to help the client understand the value of your products, you can have them ready to go and can share your screen so that you can share them with the clients. These could be charts or graphs or drafts of marketing materials. 

Keep Presentations Short and Concise

You should consider the message that you’re trying to deliver and streamline it. This doesn’t mean going for the hard-sell approach. Rather, it means giving clients precise information that they need to make an informed decision and then lots of time for questions at the end of the presentation. 

Provide a Comfortable Space

If you are selling to a group, you might consider an ice breaker for large group on Zoom. This is part of establishing a comfortable space in which to conduct business. Ice breakers can go a long way toward developing trust and bonhomie, both of which attract sales. 

Another way to provide a comfortable space is to let clients know that it is secure. Sometimes, people might think that the virtual apparatus is not a safe space in which to share details about the business. You can remind them about the protective software that is in play and how your meetings are always extremely private. 

Your dress and body language should mirror your goals. You want to find that middle ground between formal and informal, thus establishing an easy rapport. This extends to your language. Avoid technical jargon until you need to use it, then do so in such a way that helps clients understand it without making it feel as though you’re talking down to them. 

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Be Prepared

The single most important thing you can do to land a virtual sale is to prepare for it. You should be able to speak fluidly about the client’s needs, your product, your business and the state of the market as it relates to your product.

Virtual salesmanship is the future. Learning how to engage with clients virtually and to give them what they feel they need to confidently make buying decisions is a key to achieving virtual sales. You might find that a Zoom Virtual Office background, for instance, sets clients at ease and naturally leads you to your pitch. Visit a virtual background website today to learn more about how virtual backgrounds can help land you sales today. 

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