Demi-Permanent And Semi-permanent Coloring

Demi-Permanent And Semi-permanent Coloring. The chemical process of bleaching hair is called “oxidizing”. Hair is then soaked in a solution containing hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, or a peroxide-releasing compound. The solution penetrates the hair cuticle, which changes the structure of the hair by removing natural pigments, and leaves it blonde or another color.

A demi-permanent dye is a colorant that lasts on average six weeks to two months. It does not lighten the natural pigment of the hair as much as semi-permanent dyes do and can be removed by simply washing it out with shampoo. Semi-permanent dyes will last from six months to one year but are more difficult to remove than demi-permanent dyes.


Bleaching color is a process that uses a chemical to lighten the natural color of the hair. There are many different types of bleaching colors, but they all work in the same general way. The hair is soaked in a solution that contains hydrogen peroxide and/or ammonia, which breaks down the melanin pigment in the hair.

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Demi-Permanent And Semi-permanent Coloring

The two most popular types of bleaching colors are semi-permanent and demi-permanent. Semi-permanent coloring lasts for about 12 weeks and can be used for touch-ups. Demi-permanent coloring lasts for about 6 weeks and does not wash out as semi-permanent coloring does. It can also be used as an alternative to permanent dyeing because it fades gradually over time and doesn’t damage your hair as much as permanent

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Demi-Permanent And Semi-permanent Coloring. Bleaching is a process that lightens the color of hair. There are many different types of bleaching, such as semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and nonpermanent shade.

Semi-permanent is a type of bleach that lasts for about six weeks. It can be applied to lighten hair with some natural pigment. Demi-permanent is a type of bleach that lasts for about two months and it can be used to lighten hair with more natural pigment than the semi-permanent type. Nonpermanent shade is a type of bleach that only lasts for one day and it can be used to lighten hair with very little natural pigment.


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