Top 5 Reasons to Use Handmade Ceramic Mugs

There is a certain feeling to using handmade ceramic cups. It adds an extra dimension to your coffee or beer experience knowing that the vessel was handcrafted by an artist. Though there are many types of coffee mugs, handmade mugs stands out any day.

We are stoneware experts who take pride in backing the products we love so we decided to create a list of handmade ceramic mugs. This post outlines what we consider to be the main factors that make ceramic cups a great choice for gifting, home decor, and displaying company logo.

1. Ceramic mugs retain heat well

Ceramic mugs retain heat better than other materials. This is the first reason you should choose ceramic over any other style. Ceramic is porous and conduction happens slower.

Conduction refers to the loss of heat caused by direct contact between two materials. One material is warmer than the other. Heat insulation is the formation of tiny air pockets in ceramic pores. This slows down the process.

Convection is also involved in heat loss. Ceramic has a higher temperature than glass. This means that ceramic will lose heat by convection at a slower rate than glass.

2. Better Taste

Material matters. You’ve probably had coffee in an old stainless steel mug that was off.

The taste of a stainless-steel mug actually comes from soap, coffee oils, and other manufacturing lubricants that have been adsorbed onto the layer of chromium oxide (which is what makes steel “stainless”. These adsorbed compounds can be removed chemically by special coffee equipment cleaners.

These elements are not absorbed by ceramics. It’s almost like you are experiencing the mug again every time you use it.

You probably also know that smell and taste are interconnected. You might notice a difference in the quality of your coffee or tea when you use a plastic travel cup. You can’t bury your nose in a plastic travel mug as much as a ceramic one.

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3. Supporting the arts!

You can go to your local department store and pick up bulk plastic thermoses made by a machine. If you are willing to spend a little bit, it may be an economical and convenient option.

You won’t feel the joy that comes from creating quality products by the hands and efforts of passionate workers. Ceramic mugs are much more than just a way to make a living. Because it is what they love, these artists devote their professional efforts towards supreme craftsmanship.

4. Be creative

Ceramic mugs can easily be personalized to reflect any person, group, business, or personality. We offer many colors, sizes, and styles, and can customize logos to fit any company’s branding message. Ceramics are a great way to personalize your brewpub’s branding, or display your logo across the front. You can always write funny tea quotes on these mugs.

Simply put, you don’t need to buy a generic mug from a department shop (a mug that is already in cabinets in hundreds of homes) but instead you can take advantage of the dynamic quality of stoneware.

5. Mugs are a great marketing tool

Ceramic mugs are a great way to increase brand awareness. They can also be used as memorabilia for customers who visit your business or attend your events. Your patrons will cherish their experience with high-quality stoneware.

Customers will remember your company’s brand for many decades, if not their entire lives.


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